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The mechleybrostents.comatics namespace contains fundamental classes and base classes that define commonly-used mathematical value and reference data types . The mechleybrostents.comAlgebra namespace contains classes for working with vectors and matrices and matrix decompositions, and for solving systems of. Represents a method to compute an approximation to an integral together with an estimate of the error. Public class, LeftPointIntegrator. Represents a numerical .

The mechleybrostents.comonSolvers namespace contains classes that solve nonlinear equations and systems of nonlinear equations. Classes. When applied to a class or structure, indicates that the implementation of the type can be specialized for specific values of the type parameters. Public class. Represents a curve in two-dimensional space whose value is defined by a function of one variable delegate. Public class, GeneralFunctionBasis. Represents a.

The mechleybrostents.comzation namespace contains classes that perform optimization of functions in one or more variables, including linear, quadratic. Constructs a new matrix with the specified number of rows and columns whose elements are all equal to the specified value. Public method Static member. The mechleybrostents.comProcessing namespace contains classes for Fourier transforms and related operations. Classes. Vector Class (mechleybrostents.comatics, Reference) documentation. mechleybrostents.comlMatrix. Namespace: Extreme. mechleybrostents.comAlgebra. Assembly: mechleybrostents.com20 (in Extreme.

MatrixSingularException Class (mechleybrostents.comAlgebra, Reference) documentation. The mechleybrostents.comryDifferentialEquations namespace contains classes for integrating systems of ordinary differential equations (ODE's) . (Reference) documentation. mechleybrostents.comc (Reference) documentation.


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